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Tengo 17 años y me dedico a escribir contenido moral alternativo. Lo que escribo es fresco e inédito con un toque de intrepidez pero sobre todo con mucho amor. Mi misión como escritora: aportar mi experiencia, para facilitarte la vida. Soy Cristiana, amante de la fotografía, y una adepta para el estudio. ¡Espero disfrutes de este blog, y que mejores tu vida con todos los consejos e ideas innovadoras que te comparto!

Ya han pasado cinco años…

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  1. Can you guess who I am?

    The Reckoning
    Out of the darkness of that, that has invaded now my soul
    Black as night, one can hear their shallow mourn
    Only my Lord can protect my wounded soul
    Because he has allow me to sustain my search for love
    Despite the fact that my case has seen no end
    I felt the pain that has crushed my tiny fate
    I have surrendered all my will to tiny hope
    That comes and goes but remains when it’s told
    Despite the fact that I deserve none at all
    Alone the plain fields where the skeletons are shown
    And where the wrath of the evil one controls
    The desolation and the horror lingers on
    Over decades walking lone on waste lands
    I find myself drowning in the simple truth of love

    When they arrive on my reckoning grand-day of gone
    It matters not how I try it all but matter only what I conquer after all
    I hope that God can spare my trouble mind, from the reality that awaits me when I am gone

    Freedom exists only for those that fight with their all
    And that refuse to depend on mortals at all
    I am the shepherded of a mortal skeleton
    I am the guardian of a field not yet controlled
    The gate keeper of my land of learning all
    The chief slave of the mighty brave of ALL.
    I am commander of my brave awaking soul
    And when I died on my feet not on my knees
    Legend shall speak of me dying with my boots on.

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