Can you see the miracle?

Nobody said life would be easy. 

Not a single person thought it would be soft. 

But, now, let us think about the angels.

The man of the gas station who asked you how much did you want. 

The woman who offered to help you in the take of a picture.

That old man that told a bad  joke, but you yet laughed because… ah… hahaha .

Your mom and dad that will always love you, 

While you always can tell how much they don’t understand. 

The poor girl that is selling La Prensa  (Honduran official newspaper),

That even if you don’t buy one she still smiles  at you.  

The friend that said: why didn’ t you finish your food ? Do you feel Okay?
The other friend who asked you: do you need help carrying your backpack? It seems to be heavy. 

The teacher who said: “it was a pleasure to have you here, today “. 

And what about: your grandma’? 

Who is always cooking that well; 

And Grandpa’? who is always making you laugh…

What about the unknown who emphasized on: “The world is yours ” … (This should go somewhere else, but is 12:35 AM 😂 I’m leaving it like this.)

What about the one that loves you and tells;

We will get through this! 


So, do you see the miracle? 

It is on kindness. 

It comes from above. 
It is love.

It is GOD. 


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