What Sadness Revealed to me


I do not like sad moments. I’ve always played the role of a strong person. I have had to do it, as many of you do. But, there is someone who knows my weakness and protects me.

Every time I see the tests are over, I change. I am more grateful after it. May for some people being grateful does not mean much, for me it is a miracle.

There are many traps … so much negativity, so many broken hearts and others who seek to do evil. But: I’m grateful. Is it a miracle? It is. When we decide to put aside the pain and to love even when it hurts and we suffer it is because a miracle happens.

Love is what makes us strong. Love is the only thing that prevails. Love is what makes me write, love allows me to continue. Many things try to hinder me from believing in Him, but there is no doubt about his existence. He overcomes the tangible, he is our sixth sense. Love and God are one.

Every tear is worth.

Thank you.


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