Be careful with the ones you Choose to Admire 

A long time ago I had the opportunity of interacting closely with a group of friends. There was one girl, Alicia, that apparently was very self-confident and trusted the Lord completely. On the other hand, there was Mónika a sweet girl that was very modest in the way she behaved, talked and dressed. I used to admire both, Alicia and Mónika because of their virtues. 

Time passed quickly  and we kept being friends. There was a month in which we worked together at a school project. We thought everything was going to be all right. My ideas were sometimes different from what most people think, I did not know so, but Alicia said it constantly saying that I was against the current.I did not do it intentionally, it was something that flowed directly from my personality. At the end of the project I got to know that actually my ideas were not that different, but it was her who was directly against me. At the beginning, Mónika was always just staring at the situation, then Alicia tried to involve her against me. I figured out that until now. But, something that is evident it is that Mónika admired Alicia too, in a secret and stronger way than I did. 

Mónika started to roll her eyes at me when I asked random questions like: How are you?  And also she answered in a rude way like: I am good! Why are you asking me so? I learned that you cannot admire a person in a complete way because the result is getting lost in the wrong example. This goes for every single person, because the only perfect person we can admire in a 100% is Jesus. Otherwise our sweetness and good character can end up in the wrong direction. 

Hence, I can say, we will always have to work with people of different personalities and because of that we need to be strong enough to discern which attitudes harm us and other people, and which contribute to a good environment. It is not that hard to do it, we just need to pray for it and keep the Lord as the center of every relationship. 


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