Keep It Simple!

Illustrated by Nancy Sabillon

I have always been a very dedicated, abnegated and over all, a meticulous person. But, last year I found something that changed my life radically. I was listening to a motivational talk, I do not remember who was the public speaker, but a man was saying that the more you talk, the less people remember. On another occasion, I was reading a book by John C. Maxwell in which he explained that we need not to complicate the simple. Why should we make it harder when is not?


In the art world. What is needed in any work/production, it is first to capture your essence, what your heart tells you to do (obviously fulfilling a specific purpose ) and then you can if you want, take a little more time to refine details . But you should not saturate it, because if you do you would be losing your goal and simultaneously you would get the public to be confused and bored.

In your daily life :

We seek a thousand problems and do not see the positive side. Why? Because of the same culture , we are taught that everything must be complicated , when in fact it is simple. The answers to our problems are the same for all : faith , discipline, and love.

I hope this article can help you to enjoy more your life!


Amparo Cribas.


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